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We realise the importance of looking after ourselves, it has huge benefits to both your physical and mental health. Getting the right equipment couldn't be easier as it's more accessible than ever. This means that you can improve your quality of life and performance from the comfort of your own home.

Orbit OG75304 I-Control Inversion Table Fix Back Pain Black

by Orbit
SKU OG75304

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Orbit OG75304 I-Control Inversion Table Fix Back Pain Black

The Orbit OG75304 I-Control Inversion Table is Excellent at Reducing Back Pain and Offers a Comfortable Experience

The Orbit I-Control Inversion Table relieves back stress and weariness by decompressing the vertical discs and ligaments. It also lessens muscle stiffness due to increased blood circulation.

Comfort and Safety

With the flip of a button, you can stop the table in place at any desired angle of inversion thanks to the supporting frame, the wide, cushioned table surface, and the user-friendly inversion lock system. When compared to competing systems on the market, which call for safety strap adjustments before to use, this is exceptionally simple and useful.

Benefits of Inversion Therapy

  • Decompressing discs is advantageous for thin, deteriorating discs.
  • Reverses the compression that builds up from daily activity and helps the body's natural anti-aging mechanisms.
  • Increases oxygenated blood flow to the brain, which improves circulation and lessens headaches and mental weariness.
  • Decongests Internal Organs—particularly the soft, hollow digestive organs—prompts bowel movement and releases pressure on the kidneys, stomach, and liver.
  • Increased blood circulation replenishes the eyes with nourishment, improving vision.
  • Stimulates lymphatic flow, which aids in lymphatic drainage. As a result, there is more drainage into the major thoracic duct, which lowers the risk of toxic buildup and strengthens the immune system.
  • The pituitary gland, which is considered as the master gland of the hormonal system and controls all metabolic processes, is stimulated, as are the thyroid and pituitary glands. Pituitary gland rejuvenation stimulates all other glands under its control and renews tissues and skin.

Compression Fatigue

Every area of our body is impacted by compression fatigue, but the spine is where it is most noticeable. The fact that the average adult loses 13 to 16 millimetres of height every day—which reverses during sleep—is mostly caused by fluid being squeezed out of the spinal discs. Rotational tiredness is a side effect of one-sided sports like tennis, bowling, and golf. Inversion provides instant alleviation from the symptoms of compression fatigue for those who are physically engaged. Tensed-up muscles are stretched and released, and the joints are made more flexible and lubricated.

Active People

Exercises like aerobics, bodybuilding, jogging, skating, skiing, and bicycling place additional downward pressures on muscles, joints, and the lower back, which when combined with gravity's constant pull results in.

Not So Active People

Our hearts and other internal organs have a harder time circulating and cleaning our blood supply as we age or become less physically active. Any type of gravity inversion will aid in stimulating blood flow throughout the body. The physical well-being is increased in vitality, freshness, and relaxation as a result of this natural stimulation. Many people discover that inversion relieves shoulder stress, reduces tension headaches, enhances skin and hair, helps to increase mental alertness, and slows the onset of middle age.


MATERIAL: Cushioned Foam Backrest
Heavy Duty Powder Coated Metal Frame

COLOUR: Black Table/Platinum Frame

ADJUSTMENTS: 360 Degree Rotation



Ankle Lock System
Brake Pad Locking System At Any Position
Easy Reach Quick Release
Non Skid Floor Stabilisers

DIMENSIONS: 142 Cm X 75 Cm X 144 Cm



1 Year Parts And Labour
10 Year Frame

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