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What are the Health Benefits of using an Infrared Sauna?

Infrared saunas are rising in popularity due to their array of health benefits and here's why...

What is Infrared red light?

We feel infrared light as heat but it's actually radiant energy that can not be seen with the human eye.

We emit and receive infrared heat like other things such as hair straighteners, heated cupboards and a street on a hot day.

How do they work?

When you are inside an infrared sauna far infrared waves penetrate your body which activates the sweat glands. We release toxins through our sweat so it is great for a detox. The skin is the largest organ and has an insane ability to discharge toxins through our sweat.

Women in infrared sauna

How Are Infrared Saunas Different From Traditional Saunas?

Traditional saunas heat the air around a person first by releasing steam or using other electrical heating techniques. The heat then moves onto your body and takes time to travel to your body's core temperatures causing it to rise as well.

Infrared saunas target your body's temperature directly by using infrared lights or radiation. The infrared light cannot be spotted by the human eye and penetrates your skin to achieve its purpose without heating the air first.

Both infrared and traditional saunas have a significant temperature disparity. Infrared saunas maintain their heating temperatures not exceeding the range of 113-140 Fahrenheit.

When compared to traditional saunas, it can be concluded that the lowest temperatures of a traditional sauna are the same as the highest temperatures in an infrared sauna. This means that infrared saunas use considerably less heat to achieve infrared sauna health benefits.

What are the Health Benefits of Using an Infrared Sauna?

Saunas have long been used as havens for when you need to sweat out the stressful nerves bothering you and indulge in tranquillity and utmost relaxation. Like every other product around you, saunas, too, have been modified by technology introducing the world to infrared saunas.

These saunas fulfil the primary purpose of traditional saunas, but infrared sauna health benefits are also immense. 

Below you'll find everything you would need to know about them while also educating yourself on the innumerable health benefits of an infrared sauna.

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Health Benefits Associated With Infrared Saunas

The electromagnetic waves used as infrared radiation in these saunas can affect the tissues within your body by penetrating the skin's surface. This activates mitochondrial action, which enables effective heat circulation in the body. 

It is this pursuit that offers users innumerable infrared sauna health benefits along with body rejuvenation and relaxation. Let's look at these health benefits in detail below.

Toxin Flush-Out

The diet you intake and the air you breathe are inundated with harmful contaminants of all sorts. This means that your immune system is at constant risk of attacks from the toxins released by these contaminants. Once these toxins reach the immune system, they can result in autoimmune diseases weakening the body.

Infrared saunas target the core parts of the body with heat, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of infrared sauna detox that are unachievable by other saunas. This detoxification causes heavy sweating, which triggers the elimination of toxins of all kinds.

Improves the Health of your Skin

Infrared sauna radiation expands the body's blood vessels causing rapid circulation throughout the body. Thus, an infrared sauna benefits the skin by accelerating circulation, which flushes waste products from the body. Simultaneously it welcomes more oxygen and nutrients into the body. 

These nutrients assist with the formation of collagen. Thus, the ultimate benefits of infrared sauna on the skin are improved skin health, reduced wrinkles, and refined skin tone.

Boosts Cardiovascular Function

The heat exposure mechanism of infrared saunas is said to boost cardiovascular function. This protects you from various cardiovascular diseases such as sudden cardiac arrest, coronary heart disease, and more. 

Infrared sauna radiation enables better blood flow resulting in improved blood pressure and stable heart rate. In 2016, 149 patients with heart failure were clinically tested by sending them for infrared sauna therapy. They reported improved heart status, walking ability, and heart size within two weeks. 

Protects Against Chronic Fatigue

Infrared sauna benefits also include protection against chronic fatigue. The heat disclosure in an infrared sauna allows the nervous system to relax. As a result, the pain experienced from chronic fatigue can be toned down. 

A study on patients who have rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis discovered (chronic disorders) that within 4 weeks of infrared sauna therapy, patients benefited from reduced levels of pain and stiffness. 

Brain Health

The infrared sauna light benefits have shown proven results in improving brain health. Infrared saunas aid in the production and release of antidepressants and endorphins in the brain, such as dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine, and more. 

Apart from this, the soothing environment created by infrared saunas helps lower cortisol levels in the brain responsible for stress. Not only does this rescue you from the grasp of anxiety and depression, but it also boosts brain function and improves sleep.

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How to Utilise Infrared Sauna Health Benefits

The only way to fully utilise the numerous infrared sauna benefits is by ensuring you're using them the right way. Read some helpful tips below to get started.

  • Stay Hydrated

Have at least one glass of water before stepping into an infrared sauna since extreme temperatures can cause dehydration.

  • Commence with Low Temperatures

Keep your temperatures low at the beginning, around 110 degrees. Since infrared saunas waste no time in heating the environment first, it's always better to start low and then gradually increase the temperatures. 

  • Duration

Your trips to an infrared sauna should be limited to no more than twice a day. The ideal stay time in an infrared sauna can range between 20-30 minutes. Exceeding the limit can cause dizziness or overheating of your body, which can be potentially harmful.

  • Wash Off Afterwards

Cleanse your body in the shower after stepping out of the sauna. This prevents flushed-out toxins from being reabsorbed by the body.

Are Infrared Saunas Safe For All?

It's tempting to utilise the infrared sauna health benefits. But an infrared sauna is not safe for all participants. Keep reading to find out whether you're one of them.

  • When You're Drunk

Alcohol impacts your blood pressure, and slows down your heart rate and blood circulation. This is already dangerous for your health, and stepping into the sauna can intensify the risk.

The benefits of far infrared sauna are countless, but if you have multiple sclerosis, it's better to stay out of it. Multiple sclerosis damages your nerves' ability to conduct signals efficiently. Exposure to heat further impedes these symptoms.

  • During Pregnancy

The American Pregnancy Association warns mothers against using infrared saunas, especially during the first trimester. At this stage, the body and brain of the child are being developed, and increased body temperatures can be risky for the baby. 

  • When You're Trying to Conceive

Heat exposure from infrared saunas can negatively affect male fertility. Apart from reducing sperm count, heat also damages sperm cells. If you're trying to conceive, avoid going to an infrared sauna for a couple of weeks before you try again.

  • You're Ill

If you're sick or have any medical conditions check with your doctor before using infrared saunas.

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Disadvantages of Infrared Saunas

While infrared sauna health benefits are many, there are certain disadvantages associated with an infrared sauna. Let's take a look at them.

Risk Related to Electromagnetic Field (EMF)

EMFs are electric charges through which an infrared sauna performs its operations. These are harmless when used in low concentrations. However, high doses of EMF can be harmful and disrupt the natural frequencies in the body. 

Most infrared saunas produce low levels of EMF that pose no serious threat to your health. However, it's still essential to check before using an infrared sauna about the levels of EMF used in it. 

Dry Skin

Infrared saunas do not use moist heat or steam to generate heat. The infrared sauna technique involves heating individuals through a dry heating process. While the skin of several people considerably benefits from this, if you already have dry skin, it can further dry your skin. 

All this can be avoided, however, if you use a moisturiser for your skin before and after stepping out of the infrared sauna. The dry heat can cause your body to overheat, so make sure you're well-hydrated before the sauna heats up your body.

Are Infrared Saunas dangerous?

There is a common misconception that infrared saunas can contribute to skin cancer due to tanning beds. 

Infrared saunas use FIR (Far Infrared Radiation) whereas tanning beds use UV and exposure to high levels of UV can cause skin cancer. Infrared saunas are safe to use every day and it is really beneficial to do so as I have outlined above.

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